Endless chatter

My kids capacity for noise making is always pretty impressive, but tonight the constant nattering, singing, humming, tapping, grunting and dancing simply pushed me over the edge!

I couldn’t stand it!! I threatened to send them to bed early, but sanity and desperation prevailed and I ended up agreeing for a movie, at least that means I get 75 mins if peace first.

Why don’t they listen!? Instead of create chaos?!

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Christmas is coming

It is a sad sad day when you start Christmas shopping in September.
The shops are already full of Christmas cards, decorations, trees, even Christmas crockery is in.
And when I first saw it I swore there was NO WAY I was getting sucked into the retail trap of Christmas shopping in September.
Whereas it is wonderfully organised, less crowded and you get it out of the way early, if you’re anything like me, it will be your financial downfall!
You will buy wonderful presents which you will hide in the back of the cupboard and promptly forget all about them. Until you have bought more versions of the same and find the first batch when hiding the second batch. Speaking from the experience of several Christmases.
Well, I started my Christmas shopping. And have hidden the presents in garbage bags at the top of the wardrobe. Please let me remember!!!

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The computer is OFF! And staying OFF!!

The computer can be both a blessing and a burden.  My kids love playing on the computer.  Reading Eggs, Mathletics, Moshie Monsters, anything.

But getting them off is another story.  It’s like getting a junkie away from their stash.  Sometimes it takes physically dragging them off it, while holding the off switch down trying to get it to bypass the shutdown process.

I guess we were a bit like that with our Atari, Commodore64 and Donkey Kong.

Or maybe not. And if you ask my mum, Nannie-Bear “definitely NOT”.

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Bullies – be gone!

How do you deal with pre-teen bullies?

With boys, they give each other a shove and they are mates again.  but with girls, it’s all together a different beast.

It is the ostracising, the bitching, the teasing, the name calling, the hurtful comments, the ignoring, the tear inducing treatment of my beautiful, delightful daughter, Mandy.

Kindy, year 1 and year 2 saw her learning slowly to cope with a pair of bullies, to be fair one “princess bitch-face” and her hand-maiden.

But now it is getting out of hand.

For months she has been talking about trouble with a new girl on the block. We try the usual tacts, “ignore her”, “play with someone else”, “tell the teacher” etc. But to no avail.

Last night, she told me “I feel like I’m not supposed to be here… Like I shouldn’t be alive”.

All my maternal protective impulses have risen. As Katy Perry would say, Bullies, “hear me ROAR!”

No one makes my beautiful daughter feel so sad and unloved without consequences.

Tomorrow we meet with the school counsellor and the principal. The school has a “Anti-Bullying Policy”. Lets put it into practice.

To be continued.

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A Wallaby for breakfast

Look who we found in the backyard this morning?  A rock wallaby!


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Checking the checklist

Friday, I wrote of grand plans.  And do you know what, I can safely say I managed almost everything on the list!!

  • Two kids over: yup! Went mostly smoothly, except for the bickering (between my two) about who gets to choose the Wii game
  • Bake cookies or a slice: vanilla cupcakes yesterday and chewy oatmeal cookies today. On fire!!

Vanilla cupcakes, buttercream icing & honeycomb crumb


Chewy oatmeal cookies

  • Vote Kevin out: yup!
  • Tidy the house: ahhhhhh. No.
  • Do the washing: yup!
  • Do the ironing: nope.
  • Do some reading for work: some, not much.
  • Start planning our trip: I showed the map to the kids today.


Mapping out our destinations in NSW

So about 70% ain’t bad really!!

But I have managed to cook a yum Minstrone for dinner…


Minestrone Soup

Feeling rather virtuous all things considered really!

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How can you be Consistent when Consistency doesn’t work

All the parenting advice stresses, “consistency, consistency, consistency”.

But things that work once never seem to work again!

Jimmy and Mandy adore each other one minute, and want to direct nuclear weapons at one another the next, as loudly and as dramatically as possible.

It’s like living with two immature Dr Jekyl’s and Mr Hyde’s.

And today they did my head in.  In the end I cancelled our planned lunchtime at the park as punishment (for them or me, I’m still not sure, because they sure made me pay).

When will they stop venturing into the land of revolting children???

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Thumbs down for Watership Down

When I was a kid I read Richard Adams’ Watership Down and loved it.  I devoured it again as an adult.

And the other day I picked it up in Kmart for the kids, thinking they will love it!

About ten years ago I bought it for my ex-father-in-law.  It went down pretty poorly, what was I thinking buying a book about a community of rabbits for a grown man!!  Much like last night.

To say the kids will have nightmares may be slightly understated, but when cute little Violet gets snatched and eaten by a bird of prey they were a bit taken aback.

But then, when Bigwig got caught in a trap and slowly garrotted himself while blood was pouring out of his throat and eyes… That was more than enough for Jimmy!

Funny, I don’t remember it being that graphic, but I guess it was.  I guess movies these days are softened and given the “Hollywood” edge to them in a way that they weren’t when we were kids.

Winnie the Pooh it was then.  For the 12,000th time.

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Our Maiden Voyage

So into the sea of cyberspace we set sail.

Today is Friday. No work and no school for two days.

So the planning starts big and grand with baking cookies and a movie night! This rapidly disintegrates with Jimmy’s demands to paint his castle the colours of Fire and Earth. Apparently his Ninjago Ninja’s have displaced Gumby and Pokie from their castle.

He didn’t get too far though.

Gumby, an unlikely refugee.

How to occupy my children for about 8.5 minutes after school

How to occupy my children for about 8.5 minutes after school

Attention spans of sparrows these kids! I wonder who gets to clean up? Hmmmm.

My planned weekends often start out grand and then end up resembling nothing like the original plans. So lets test myself and see how I go this weekend…

So my grand plan for the weekend is:

  • Two kids over (twice the fun and half the noise)
  • Bake cookies or a slice
  • Vote Kevin Rudd out of office
  • Vote Kevin Rudd out of office
  • Tidy the house
  • Do the washing
  • Do the ironing
  • Do some reading for work
  • Start planning our trip!!

Lets see how I go…

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